There are currently 171 members of the Illinois Association of Educational Office Professionals. There are 3 levels of membership: active, retired, and associate. For more information or to join contact Jackie Voorhees at

Types of Membership:

Active Membership - $25 per year

Open to all educational office personnel in any educational system or organization related to education. Members are eligible to vote on association business, serve on committees, hold office, and receive a subscription to the IAEOP Beacon newsletter.

Retired Membership - $15 per year

Open to educational office personnel who have retired but desire to retain their membership in the Association. Includes subscription to the IAEOP Beacon newsletter and all privileges of an active member.

Associate Membership - $25 per year

Open to persons not eligible for active membership (i.e., a member no longer engages in educational office work but one who wishes to retain membership in the association, or those office personnel not in an educational setting). Associate members have all rights and privileges of active membership except those of voting and holding office.

IAEOP ListServ:

IAEOP now has an electronic membership for our members to join. The LISTSERV sends out messages and information to the members via e-mail. If you want to join the members LISTSERV, please e-mail Paula Bender at

Membership Information for NAEOP

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