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2019 NAEOP Conference

Martha Carson
Boise, Idaho
Opening Flag Ceremony

 President's Message                                                      

Martha Carson
Illinois...An Example Of Professionalism

     Welcome, current members and new members of Illinois Association of Educational Office Professionals.  As the new president, I have chosen Illinois…An Example Of Professionalism as my theme.  Many of our members have excelled in their profession and passed on their expertise to others in our association, as well as their associates.  The professional development opportunities provided by IAEOP provides the office professional the basics to perform their jobs well.  We all experience life-long learning in some way or another.
    Our fall conference will be in Springfield area in October, 2021. The registration and information will be posted August. Please plan to attend. We hope you'll join us for some professional development as we show our Example Of Professionalism,
    Our National AEOP conference will be July 12-16, 2021 in Pittsburgh, PA. Please support the NAREOP Scholarship Raffle by purchasing tickets. Here is the form for tickets: click here

IAEOP 2021 Fall Conference  Registration and Hotel Information 
Conference Registration
(coming in August 2021)

Springfield, IL Area